I can do better!

Weekly writing challenges for fanfic writers

I can do better! Fic challenges
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I can do better

Weekly writing challenges for fanfic writers

What is "I can do better" about?
Recently, I (lingzer0) have noted some people who, reading a bad piece of fanfiction, said that it was a pretty cool premise, but the author didn't write it well. I ended up thinking about all the cliched, overdone storylines, the badly written stories, the possibilities, and then I thought: "Why not make an LJ community and make everyone write good stories? We can counteract the dumb with good writing!"

And thus, icandobetter is born.

(And yes, I have seen the newest remake of The Stepford Wives.)

How do I enter the challenges?
Every week, a challenge will be posted and the old one will not accept any new entrants. Read the newest challenge, and write at least one chapter of it, and then post it somewhere on the internet. Then, provide a link to it in the comments of the challenge in the following format:

Title of Fic:
Rating: (Use movie rating scale, if PG-13 or above, specify why)

Simple, right? Only once a week, please, and do not reply to old topics or I will be unhappy. And you don't want to make me unhappy.

Can I suggest a challenge?
Yes! You very much can. If you have an idea for a challenge to put out, send me the challenge and the url of a badfic using the same premise. Do make sure to check the memories, though, to make sure it hasn't already been done. Send all suggestions to sparklythingy @ gmail.com.

Are there prizes?
Believe it or not, yes. Entries are worth a certain number of points, and you get extra points for including suggestions in the challenge. Once you get a 100 points (of which we will keep a running total) you get a nice, personalized little banner to post on your userinfo. Other than that, though, you just get the joy of making your fandom a little better.

Point Totals
b2wm 42 points
caribbeanblue 7 points
furiosity 26 points
twilightsecrets 14 points
nam_jai 31 points
supersaiyaginny 15 points
were_lemur 7 points
shannonsequitur 8 points
silverwerecat 7 points

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Want a link or a category added? Email icandobetter @ vfemail.net and tell me what you'd like to see here.