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Challenge #1: Voldemort Wins

Challenge #1: Voldemort Wins.

This goes out to everyone at deleterius who suffered through this. I thought it would make a good first challenge, since that story was actually what inspired the whole thing.

What you must use (5 points):
-Voldemort has won. The world (or at least the parts the Death Eaters have taken over) is under the control of Voldemort and his followers.
-Harry Potter is dead.
-Hermione is a prominent, if not main character.

Dares (1 point for each):
-There is a character who is knitting. A lot.
-Lavender Brown and/or Hannah Abbott is/are in the story.

Stories are due by November 14th. Remember, all you need is a one or more chapters in which the themes above are recognizable, anywhere on the internet.
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