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Challenge #10: The Next Generation Challenge!

This challenge is brought to you by all the Harry/Hermione/Ron/Draco clones that appear in next-generation story. However, this challenge is for any fandom - it only needs to be the "next generation" of the world (for example: the children of the Hogwarts gang, or the students at Hogwarts ten years down the line).

What you must use: (5 points)
-The story must involve a "next generation" of one of your fandoms.
-The "next generation" may not be ickle clones of the first generation.
-Show how things have changed since the first generation.

Dares: (1 point each)
-Destroy some fanon!
-Use at least one unconventional pairing.
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Would it be permissable to use children that aren't spawned from the main characters of the fandom? A long time ago I invented some children that weren't the offspring of the main characters, but of some of the side characters, simply because 'next generations' are very common in the Digimon fandoms, and those side characters are ignored a lot, if they even show up.

If it's not allowed for the challenge, I'll probably (try to) think up something for the Power Ranger fandom. A lot of bad next gens there.
Of course! How else would I manage to write my favorite Hufflepuffs in?
Ooh! I have lots of ideas for this one! Now if only I could decide on which one to use...
Rough on a Tolkonut, since pairings and many of the kids are canonical, but lemme see if I can't herd some cats Disc kids... *cracks knuckles* Nobby/? Nyah, I'm not that evil...
Gaah, I'm running late. I've got only about half the section I'd hoped for ready to go, and here it is 6:00 on Sunday. So, the question is: to post or not to post? I think I can at least cover all the bases, but plot shall have to wait 'til later.
Here's what I've got so far:

Sammy by B2WM
Rated G for now.