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Challenge #5 - "Falls into _____"

All right, people. It's time for the mother of all challenges: the "falls into _____" story. You can adapt this to any fandom you like, although the best examples are found in the Lord of the Rings fandom and occasionally the Harry Potter fandom.

What you must use (5 points):
-An original character or a character from another fandom (crossover time!) "falls" or is transported into your fandom of choice. There can be more than one character crossing over.
-Someone comments on the character's strange clothing/dress/hair/junk.
-There must be a semi-plausible explanation for the crossing over.

Dares (1 point each):
-Someone disproves/dispels a common bit of fanon for your fandom.
-The character(s) arrive at a different time or place than the main canon characters would be (eg, Valinor, Florean Fortescue's, etc.)
-There are language barriers.
-Someone thinks that the character is a complete nutcase and tries to escort them to the local police or local equivalent.
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Huff puff. I actually managed to get it done this week! *does a little dance*
Title: Live and Learn
Fandoms: Harry Potter / The Matrix
Rating / Word Count: PG / Just under 2000
Warnings: Crossover/AU/AT/Hint of H/D slash (I couldn't resist, but it's just a passing mention. Honest. >.>)
Link: Live and Learn
Title: Oh, Bugger
Fandoms: Harry Potter / Flamette RPG
Rating: PG for swearing
Er, sorry, one of the links didn't work. For more about the RPG canon: htttp.// Just for your amusement.
Yay! I managed it this week too. Also, I think you forgot to give me points for Challenge #1 (Voldemort Wins).

Title: Like the Branches of Trees
Fandoms: 'The Real World'/Harry Potter /Lord of the Rings
Rating: PG-13 (Some swearing in the beginning, includes F-word)
Word Count: Around 10,000 in two parts
Link: Part I & Part II
Oh! I'll fix that ASAP.