Ling (lingzer0) wrote in icandobetter,

Challenge #4: The Stalker Challenge

Requested by someone I don't have the LJ name for *sweatdrop* Original Badfic - a canon character is being stalked and/or having their life threatened, and their friends must find out who and stop them! Preferred in the Digimon Frontier fandom (as per request), but any fandom is fine.

What you must use (5 points):
-A canon character is being stalked/having life threatened/etcetera.
-They and their friends must try and find out who it is.

Dares (1 point each):
-Someone disproves/dispels a common bit of fanon for your fandom.
-Includes a pairing of some sort.
-There is a flashback.
-There is slappage. I don't care who.

And plugging my fic again. Tee hee. It's not that good, but wait until you see who the love-interest is...

And points for the last couple challenges will be up soon. I swear. I'm just trying to break 20,000 for NaNo and it's getting in the way.
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