Ling (lingzer0) wrote in icandobetter,

Challenge #3: The Original Character Challenge

All right. Last week's turnout wasn't so good, but we did get one fic from supersaiyaginny, so that's good. Stories can still be turned in today, if you can write quickly or are almost done.

That said, it's time for a very special, all-fandom challenge: The Original Character Challenge. You've seen them EVERYWHERE - there's some in nearly every fanfiction archive on the whole internet, and as per Sturgeon's law, 90% are crap. Time to lower that ratio, people.

What you must use (5 points):
-An original character plays a pronounced/main role in the story.
-The character is related to/going to school with/working with/etc. any canon character who is also a main character.
-The character is not a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu.

Dares (1 point each):
-The canon character used is not a common lust-object.
-The current popular music of the time is mentioned.
-Someone disproves/dispels a common bit of fanon for your fandom.
-Give me some more, I'm having trouble thinking of some. You'll get an extra point if you do.

Also, is anyone familiar with both Discworld and the Hitchhiker's Guide series? I've got a suggestion for the #5 challenge, you see...
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