Ling (lingzer0) wrote in icandobetter,

Challenge #13: The Return of Sirus Challenge

Those fangirls will never let the poor man rest in peace. Whether it's to be their character's twoo wuv or because they thought it was a colossal mistake, Sirius is SOOOO NOT DED!!!1!!twelve!! So, your challenge for this week: resurrect Sirius in some way that would be canonically plausible and does not involve a Deus Ex Machina.

What you must use: (5 points)
-Sirius comes back somehow. Can be either temporary or permanent.
-Does not involve really lame Deus Ex Machina. Slight DEM allowed, if necessary.

Dares: (1 point each)
-Involves dark magic of some kind.
-Mentions of zombies or the undead.
-Destroy some fanon!
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