Ling (lingzer0) wrote in icandobetter,

Challenge #12: The Diary Challenge

Sorry for the radio silence - I had a paper to write last weekend, so I was writing like a very desperate thing.

A "diary" story is where a character keeps a journal about their life a la Princess Mia or Georgia Nicholson, where they talk about their feelings, their friends, and their enemies. Generally involves some kind of shippiness, usually involving Draco Malfoy in the HP fandom.

What you must use: (5 points)
-A character from your fandom keeps a diary.
-They write about things that are in-character.
-It refers to canonical events from the past.

Dares: (1 point each)
-Destroy some fanon!
-And something. I'm out of ideas. Make up some of your own, or something.
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