Ling (lingzer0) wrote in icandobetter,

Challenge #6: Evil!Ginny

Sorry the new challenge is so late, but I was having trouble thinking one up. But then I remembered this little gem from Deleterius. Remember that story where Ginny was really evil and controlled the Sorting Hat and makes Hermione her and Draco's sex slave? Yeah, that fic?

What you must use (5 points):
-Ginny is evil.
-There is a plausible explanation for Ginny being evil.

Dares (1 point each):
-Someone disproves/dispels a common bit of fanon for your fandom.
-Black leather outfits are discussed.
-Include Pansy in the story.
-Someone has a conversation with the sorting hat.

Also, you have until next Monday to do this one, as I got it up late.
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